about us

customised combination of services

Every edifice and every company make totally different demands on residential and commercial cleaning.

That’s why we develop an individual concept for every single building.

We create a combination of services in close consultation with our clients, thus customising the services perfectly to your specific needs – from counselling to preventive measures to the exactly adjusted application techniques.

Our wide range of services enables us to set up an individual and economic management concept for your buildings and facilities.

Thanks to the perfect synthesis of our services and our profound know-how, we’re able to carry out working processes far more effective, with the result that quality is improved and costs are minimised noticeably.

The best way to maintain the value of your real-estate

We focus on the correct cleaning standards for your property.

Additional expenses may occur if the standard is too high, and in case that it is to low, it could lead to a depreciation of the building.

That’s why in the long term a cleaning concept by Janotte & Wache guarantees the most economic way of cleaning by consistently concentrating on the required quality, special requests and needs of the customer, as well as the maintenance of value of the edifice.

Our range of services is as diverse as your needs

No matter if tenement, business park or event – we know the specific differences of the various branches perfectly and are able to respond flexibly to our customer’s needs.

You can rely on our diligent employees: They get paid in excess of the general pay scale and are highly motivated.

Every single service is planned by us down to the smallest detail and tailored to the individual needs of our clients. We look after green spaces, staircases, façades, and offices, as well as the energy supply of your property and undertake all necessary repair works.

We deliver any administrative mail to the tenants and call a pest control company if need be.

And during the winter season we keep your property clear of snow and ice.

Should we once be at our wits’ end, we can rely on our extensive network of specialists.